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Community, Youth, or Workplace Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)?

Will the training potentially distress me or others attending?

The courses educate and address the same mental health problems. The difference is the environment you would be assisting in and potentially the support network available to you as a Mental Health First Aider. Community MHFA  courses are generally open to all members of the public, workplace MHFA is often booked by individual companies or organizations. Youth is for those that work with youth or train and assist them  Still not sure? drop us a line and we will help you decide.

Can Anowara contextualize training towards our industry, company or community?

Some of the course content is confronting and can cause distress, particularly for those with lived experience. However our trainers follow strict guidelines when training as set out by MHFA Australia. We ensure all attending are aware that it's a safe environment and make provision in advance in case  any potential distress was to arise.

Nobody is expected to share their own experience with Mental Health problems, MHFA training is not a therapy session but is aimed at equipping people to have what can be difficult conversations and installing confidence.

What will our costs be? *Standard MHFA

Community-based courses when advertised here generally cost $350 per person and have minimum attendance requirements.

For bookings for private groups organizations and businesses, we work on a quote basis dependent on group size, travel, etc. We can also advise if there are grants available for your industry. Often there are.

Within reason yes. We pride ourselves on engaging and connecting with our audience and have a flexible approach. There are already some community and industry specific MHFA courses available. However, what we cannot do is shorten course times, skip content or allow partial attendance. MHFA Australia have put together a fantastic array of courses that have strong evidence based research to support them. The courses are well structured and based on our feedback certainly work.

What happens after training?

Once trained can I diagnose Mental Health problems?

No,diagnosis is the realm of trained professionals such as Drs, Psychiatrists & Psychologists. 

As a trained MHFA provider you should be able to  recognize when an individual is experiencing a mental health problem. Early intervention and assistance  is often key.

Being MHFA trained gives you both confidence and access to tools that help you assist an individual in a crisis and non crisis situation.

Once trained you can volunteer or work as a MHFA officer or simply be confident that you have knowledge and skills that allow you to assist those in need.

Anowara can help you build a local network of resources, your mental health tool kit is invaluable and will help support you and your organization even further.  Training is recommended to be refreshed every 3 years.

We understand you may have more questions, so please understand all questions are equal and we are more than happy to hear them all.

Our aim is provide a stress free experience, engaging presentations and facilitate the best MHFA training out there.

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