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Undecided or after something else?

Anowara facilitates the following short sessions and presentations. we understand that not one size fits all, speak to us about your needs.

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Engaging Leaders 

Find out why mental health problems are costing businesses in excess of $10.9 Billion per year, and how your business can make a difference.

 This course contains information about how leaders can support their employees who may be experiencing a mental health problem. Information in this course is based on guidelines developed through the expert consensus of people with lived experience of mental health problems and professionals in workplace wellbeing

A 90-minute session that could change how your business operates

What will you learn? • An understanding of mental health problems in the workplace. • How to recognize the signs in an employee who may be developing a mental health problem. • How Mental Health First Aid can help in the workplace

Short courses

Below are some of the extra services and training we can provide

I. MHFA v Practical First Aid

II. Targeted Toolbox Development (Crisis and non-crisis)

III. Implementing mindfulness in the workplace 

IV. Return to Work (supporting recovery)

V. Cultural, social and language barriers

vI. Experience from a lived perspective

1-3 hours in length and contextualised for industry or community

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