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The Full Story

About Anowara 

Those behind Anowara have been providers of specialist training for over 20 years, working and training in some of the most challenging and remote locations on the planet. We have extensive experience across Australasia working with a variety of cultures, understanding people is our passion. 

During that time we have trained 1000s of individuals across multiple industries, We have designed, tweaked, and taken to market training products that have been uptaken globally, then provided every level of support as required. 

We are firm believers that training is about engagement, it has to reach every individual that attends, we are all different.   Anowara will only work with qualified trainers that bring something special to our courses, be it lived experience or currency and expertise, we can guarantee our training is far from ordinary. 

But don't just take our word for it you can read some of our reviews here.


Our Founder

Gary started Anowara after noticing a need for Mental Health Literacy, especially in the workplace. Experienced as a remote medic and volunteer for the Foreign Commonwealth Office time and time again mental health problems would arise and nobody would know what to do.

"We had access to an incredible array of assets to deal with large-scale incidents and had honed evacuation services over the years to be very efficient. The investment was huge both financially and in time yet when an adult was suicidal, in crisis, or experiencing poor mental health we had nothing, at best a leaflet,  people were mostly clueless  this had to change "  

This became even more evident when Gary faced his own mental health crisis after being diagnosed with C-PTSD and its associated mate's anxiety and depression.  Now, this experience simply adds to the training.  Gary understands both sides of the fence having assisted those in need and needing help, then going through services and recovery himself.

Experienced RTO trainer, youth worker, and passionate about the ocean want to know more here is his LinkedIn profile.



Empower as many as possible to confidently help and assist others.

Demonstrate mental health and physical health are one and the same

Reduce stigma with every course

Stay current with current techniques and methodologies 

Remain respectful and be the best we can in every engagement 

Practice what we teach and be kind always 

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